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What is Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?

Have you become aware of changes to the appearance of your fingernails or toenails, such as a rough appearance or a whitish or yellowish color? It may be a sign that nail fungus is present. The expert practitioners at Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat are readily available to diagnose and address nail fungus and eradicate itchiness. Our experts are excited to support your skin health with top-of-the-line laser nail fungus procedures with Harmony XL PRO by Alma. Typically, expert care is needed since the malady can be nearly impossible to remove with only the use of topical serums. When you're facing symptoms of a fungal ailment, we recommend that you reach out to our team in Cedar City, UT, to book an appointment.

laser nail fungus treatment faq

How many visits are necessary for nail fungus treatment?
Although identifiable results may be recognized after merely one treatment, the majority of patients will require 3 – 4 treatments before we can verify that the fungus has been completely removed. These additional treatments will be planned 5 – 6 weeks away from each other to provide the most thorough result.

Does my insurance work for nonsurgical nail fungus treatment?
Given that this procedure is regarded as an aesthetic treatment, it will likely not be covered by your insurance. However, laser nail fungus treatment is highly effective at ridding your nails of stubborn fungus. Contact Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat in Cedar City, UT, now if you are curious about this procedure. Our team can share specifics concerning financing alternatives to help you navigate any obstacle to your wellness.

What causes fungus to grow under the nails?
Fungal organisms, or fungi, are at the root of the problem of fungal nail infections. When they are able to find a home under your fingernail or toenail, they begin to rapidly multiply and spread. Some other substances, including yeast and mold, can also cause infections under the nail.

What will happen if nail fungus is not properly treated?
The uninterrupted growth of a fungal nail infection will likely lead to difficulty walking, exercising, and even doing mundane tasks, such as typing. Additionally, the nails will begin to become more and more fragile as time goes on. For these reasons, it is important to begin to cure the nails through the use of laser nail fungus treatment at the earliest sign of a problem.

Fight the fungus away

Fight the fungus with a gentle and noninvasive option that keeps your nails and overall wellness at their peak. Contact a member of our team at Canyon View Ear, Nose & Throat today in Cedar City, UT, so that we can set up an appointment — so you don't have to deal with nail fungus any longer.

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